Kim Lonie

Kim has a difficult and hot talent - making glass beads using hot molten glass wrapped around metal rods.  To make these beads, a gas torch is used at incredibly hot temperatures.  Every bead is made individually and no two are ever alike.  Kim also makes fun wine-themed items out of corks as well as various other crafts.  When she isn't making glass beads, she works for Rock Wall Winery which inspires her wine themed crafts.

Phillis Lee

Phillis is a multi-talented artist.  She creates yummy chocolate and candy confections such as various toffees, turtles, marshmallow treats, different flavors of barks, and pretty much anything that can be made with the most important food group - CHOCOLATE!.  When not playing with food, she also creates beautiful fabric decorated boxes, jewelry, pedestal cake plates,  and other fun items.  

Deborah Discher-Simpson

Deborah is one of the founders of Artisan Place.  Her creative streak runs to making whimsical and darling kids and baby items.  A fairly recent grandmother, she creates darling baby beanies, fairy costumes, hair creations and other kids items.  For kids and adults alike she decorates and disguises snack items like chocolate bars and popcorn, makes sock cupcakes, does custom towel cake creations and much more.  Alongside her handmade items she loves to search out beautiful scarves and purses to make every outfit unique.

Paula Bueno

Paula, another founder, is a talented lady. She does beautiful crochet work which can be seen in her fingerless gloves, girls sun dresses, jewelry, scarves, purses and more.  She also has a love of vintage  decor and fashion.  Her line of vintage buttons and linens are amazing.  She also has beautiful vintage housewares and decor all the way from the turn of the century to mid-century modern.

Jeannine Boskovich

Jeannine is one of the founders of Artisan Place.  Jeannine started her art career making and selling fused dichroic glass jewelry and gifts in there 90's.  After several years of doing summer outdoor craft festivals, she decided to take her art indoors and began selling in various stores similar to Artisan Place.  Since opening Artisan Place, Jeannine has expanded her creative juices into machine embroidery of dish towels, creating sparkly hanging crystal creations  and most recently makes luscious smelling soy candles in vintage and vintage look containers.  Her favorite scents so far is "Lemon Sugar" and "Absolutely Fabulous Cake".  ​Jeannine also brings some of the retail items to the shop and specializes in licensed sports team decor, salt and pepper shakers, garden ornaments and blingy jewelry.

​​​​​Artisan Place